Volunteering in Uganda by Christine Haansende

Going for an AIESEC exchange program was an opportunity I was willing to take. I decided to go on exchange because I thought to myself “such opportunities don’t always come easily”. And it turned out to be a great opportunity. From this experience I wanted to meet different types of people. I also wanted to develop and improve some of my skills like social-networking and communication skills.
I was on exchange in Kampala, Uganda for 2 months. Sometimes I wish I stayed there longer. It’s a friendly country and busy indeed. I worked with an NGO called Agape World Ministries. The NGO takes care of street kids and children that cannot afford to go to school. Facilitating them and teaching them various subjects like English language and mathematics.

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I really enjoyed my stay in Uganda. I got to meet so many people from different countries like Brazil, Botswana, Kenya, Germany, Taiwan and the list goes on. I got to eat interesting foods like Rolex, Kikomando and Jack fruit. When someone told me about rolex I actually thought it was a brand of a watch. I was so confused I laughed hard when I was told it’s food. I had fun with friends and visited different places like the Gadaffi Mosque and the source of the nile. Did you know Mahatma Ghandi’s ashes were thrown in the river nile?
Many people there thought I was Ugandan so they would speak to me in their language and sometimes they thought I was just pretending not to be Ugandan because I responded in English.
One shocking but interesting thing I found was the way they prepared some of their food. But one thing that impressed me was the construction I saw late at night on the roads. I have never seen that anywhere else.

Rafting on the river nile

I learned a lot from my experience. I had a chance to build a global social network and improve on some of my skills. After my exchange experience I was a changed person. I became a better me. Going on an exchange program will help you open your mind to all kinds of things out there. You will be able to understand why people do what they do because you will connect with them personally. And you will be able to decide to have a positive impact on them.

Taught the kids to make French doughnuts

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