My Indian experience by Sem Uutoni

Love, Compassion and Giving are a few of the aspects that define my personal truth. My name is Sem Uutoni, at 19 I am very honored to be part of AIESEC Namibia’s first bunch Exchange Participants. At university I am in my final year perusing a degree in Development Studies and aspire to work within the United Nations Framework. I travelled to India in 2013 for an AIESEC internship in Hyderabad, India. I worked for Project Conserve which is a social initiative by AIESEC India that aims to raise environmental awareness and thus making a positive impact in the society. I also worked with a NGO that is AIESEC Hyderabad’s learning partner for this project.

I did not know what to expect, I had so many questions and some I believe had no answers. Not knowing has been something that makes me nervous, but also makes me so excited. As soon as I landed I knew-it was happening. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. One of the wonderful opportunities I had was to work with different Indian schools and NGO’s. Having visited more than 3 NGO’s I have seen how the work they do can better the lives of those in need. This experience made me realize that one person cannot change the world however the little that we all do contributes to the greater change. That is I what inspired me to continue working regardless of the magnitude of the work, because eventually it does contribute to the greater change. I know I might never meet this kids again, however they shall continue to hold a special place in my heart, and I am most proud of the fact that I played a role in the growth and development of kids from a different society.


One of the aspects that made my experience most exciting was the different people I met on my exchange. I made friends from different countries like Malaysia, Kenya, Brazil, Taiwan and Colombia amongst others. I had various fun and rewarding moments with all this interns. We laughed clubbed, traveled and gate-crashed parties together. I believe the most important thing is that we all acknowledged that we were from different societies and thus we were open to meeting, celebrating and living our different cultures together. Apart from that I also met wonderful Indian friends that made my experience breathtaking.


I am most grateful to my father God for providing this opportunity unto me. My passions have always been driven by the love for others, respect and serving purposes greater than my own and I believe my internship has been a great platform to practice those. It is under that juncture that I would definitely go for more volunteering opportunities. I think I have reached a point in life where I want to dedicate my time to helping others. Many have questioned this however I tell them that my believe of life is not about having expensive goods however its more about getting down on my hands and knees and really giving back to the world because I am blessed to have a great life myself.


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